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Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid accessories designed to fit your lifestyle. Remote controls, hearing aid chargers, bluetooth technology, hearing aid batteries and even kits for children. Everything you need to make your experience easier.

Hearing Aid Accessories by Brand

ReSound Unite Phone Clip+

ReSound Unite Phone Clip+

The new ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip+ gives you more freedom, comfort and control when on the phone. The Phone Clip+ streams crystal clear phone calls and audio straight to your hearing aids. So you – and the person you're talking to – can enjoy comfortable conversations, even in noisy places.

ReSound Unite Remote Control 2

ReSound Unite Remote Control 2

Change programs and adjust volume easily and discreetly. The buttons on the Remote Control 2 are larger and easy to see. While most hearing aid manufacturers offer remote controls, they usually require you to hang them from your neck. The ReSound Unite Remote Control 2 can be kept in your pocket or purse.

ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2

ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2

Crystal clear stereo sound streamed directly to your ears from up to 7 meters away. Have trouble hearing the conversation around you when the TV is on? With the Remote Control 2, you can adjust both the volume of the TV program and the volume of your hearing instruments independently.

ReSound Unite Mini Microphone

ReSound Unite Mini Microphone

Stream voices and sound directly to your hearing aids.

  • Difficulties hearing speakers at large gatherings? Simply ask the speaker to wear the Mini Microphone, or place it close to the speakers from the audio system.
  • Can't hear passengers while driving the car? With the Mini Microphone, the engine noise will no longer drown out voices – even if he/she is sitting on the back seat.
  • Want to hear music while exercising or mowing the lawn? Just plug the Mini Microphone into an MP4 player and stream sweet music directly to your hearing aids.
  • Don't enjoy watching the game with friends anymore? If you struggle hearing both your friends and the TV during a big game at their place, just place the Mini Microphone in front of their TV and get the extra boost you need to hear what you want.
Unitron Remote Control 2

Unitron Remote Control 2

Customize listening

Perfect for people who want more control over their listening experience, Remote control 2 lets you discreetly and easily adjust volume and switch programs.

Unitron Smart Control Remote

Unitron Smart Control Remote

Enjoy a finer level of control

This full-featured remote control lets you easily make a wide range of adjustments to your hearing instruments, including real-time control over listening comfort and clarity.

Unitron Micro CIC Remote

Unitron Micro CIC Remote

Discreet and simple control

The pocket-sized micro CIC remote gives you a choice between magnetically adjusting the volume or switching between programs.

Unitron uStream

Unitron uStream

Be discreet

Experience stereo sound through easy, more discreet connectivity to wireless devices, like mobile phones, TVs and Bluetooth MP3 players.

Unitron uDirect 3

Unitron uDirect 3

Enjoy streaming

This sleek, hands-free accessory lets you enjoy direct connections to communication and entertainment devices, like mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers and MP3 players, with stereo sound and long battery life.

Unitron uMic

Unitron uMic

Hear it from the source

This personal wireless microphone system lets you hear your companions more easily in challenging listening environments. Attach uMic using the built-in clip or lanyard loop and wirelessly send audio directly to both hearing instruments, through uDirect 2.

Unitron uTV 3

Unitron uTV 3

Be entertained

uTV3 delivers the sound from the TV directly to both hearing instruments, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for people who like to be entertained by TV.

Unitron uTV 2

Unitron uTV 2

Make life more entertaining

The uTV 2 accessory wirelessly sends audio from televisions, stereos and computers directly to both hearing instruments, through uDirect 2. It gives you control over volume and acts as a charging and storage cradle for uDirect 2.

Siemems easyTek

Siemens easyTek

Supreme connectivity
  • Remote control and streamer in one small and stylish device
  • Transmits audio signals to both hearing aids in true stereo, at your preferred volume, without disturbing others
  • Bluetooth wireless line-in input and direct audio input provide connectivity to devices such as TVs, VoiceLink™, music players, laptops, smartphones and more
  • Reliable audio streaming with minimum power consumption for exceptionally reliable Bluetoothand FM streaming
  • Multipoint system works with two phones at once
  • Streams audio from two transmitters for TVs and other devices
Siemems miniTek

Siemens miniTek

  • Connects many audio devices with your hearing aids
  • Multi-point system works with two phones at once
  • Connects two transmitters simultaneously
  • Communicates with Bluetooth® wireless devices
  • Supports third-party Bluetooth wireless transmitters
  • Additional connectivity with DAI (direct audio input) plug and T-coil
  • VoiceLink™ transmitter available to adapt devices without Bluetooth wireless
  • VoiceLink microphone available to hear a speaker in noisy environments
  • Discretion and versatility with the miniTek Remote App for Android phones and tablets.
Siemems Tek

Siemens Tek

You live in a connected world. Mobile. Instant. Always on.

Every day there's a new way to be entertained, be informed, be in touch. Tek® brings it together, wirelessly, for a clearer, easier listening experience.

  • Wireless connection to your mobile phone, TV, and other audio devices
  • Transmits audio signals to both ears in true stereo
  • Enhanced speech clarity in noisy environments
  • SoundBalance™ (treble control) to input tone preferences
  • Automatically switches to phone mode from different programs
  • Easy-to-use remote control and streamer in one
  • Large pushbuttons for direct program selection
  • Clearly displays status information
Siemems eCharger

Siemens eCharger

Easy to use and sustainable

Now you can combine the best hearing experience with the knowledge that you’re doing something that will benefit the next generation. Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly? Annoying, isn’t it? Why not simplify things and say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the eCharger™—the sustainable power solution for rechargeable Siemens hearing aids.

Siemems easyPocket

Siemens easyPocket

Simple, high-quality remote control

Siemens sleek, simple easyPocket™ remote control places all your hearing aids’ options at your fingertips. Large, convenient buttons and an easy-to-read display make accessing the features of your hearing aids easier than ever before.

  • Key lock switch Slide the switch to lock the keys and protect against unintentional changes.
  • Display Displays changes to listening programs and volume. Status bar displays status of alarm and battery. Displays control button functions.
  • Program change button Press to change current listening program. Program change activated when pressed, including when in standby mode (allows for discreet control even while the remote is in your pocket).
  • Volume up button Press to increase volume.
  • Volume down button Press to decrease volume.
  • Auxiliary menu Pressing the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously accesses the auxiliary menu. From this menu you can set the time and an alarm, and view the battery status and contact data.
  • Upper control button Reset hearing aids to a default program/volume.
  • Lower control button Mute and unmute hearing your hearing aids.
Siemems VoiceLink

Siemens VoiceLink

VoiceLink transmitter and microphone

VoiceLink™ is a voice transmitter that connects to a plug-in microphone and transmits via an easyTek™ or miniTek® using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Transmitter translates a signal that is not Bluetooth into a Bluetooth wireless signal.

Every easyTek and miniTek comes pre-paired with a transmitter that captures audio from devices without Bluetooth technology too—including TVs, DVRs, laptops, MP3 players, game consoles, etc. The transmitter converts the audio into a Bluetooth wireless signal that it sends to easyTek or miniTek in real time—without any audio delay!

The microphone makes it seem like the speaker is right next to you.

VoiceLink is very useful in noisy environments like restaurants, classrooms, and conferences. With VoiceLink a hearing aid wearer can hear speech as if the person wearing the microphone is standing close by.

Oticon ConnectLine

Oticon ConnectLine

One connectivity system. Multiple real-life solutions

Outstanding sound quality is just one reason to choose Oticon hearing instruments. With Oticon’s ConnectLine family of media accessories, our advanced wireless technology provides even more ways to connect. ConnectLine makes it easy and convenient to use Oticon hearing instruments as a personal wireless headset, enabling better connections with people, information and entertainment.

  • Cell Phone
  • Landline Phone
  • TV
  • Microphone
  • Teleloop
  • Computer And Tablet
  • Music
Phonak Roger Pen

Phonak Roger Pen

A Wireless Microphone

Our universal, cutting-edge wireless microphone helps people with hearing loss to understand more speech in loud noise and over distance. Designed with discretion and style in mind, the Roger Pen features adaptive wireless transmission, fully automated settings, wideband audio Bluetooth for cell phone use, TV connectivity and an audio input for listening to multimedia. It can also be used alongside other Roger Pens and Roger Clip-On Mics in a microphone network. The Roger Pen can be on a table, held in the hand or hanging around the speaker's neck.

  • Proven Roger speech-in-noise performance
  • Fully automated microphone settings
  • Manual microphone mode option available
  • For virtually every hearing instrument, CI and BAHA, there is a compatible Roger receiver
  • Audio input for connection to multimedia devices
  • Wideband audio Bluetooth (HD voice)
  • Used as standalone or with other Roger microphones
  • Operating time: 7 hours (5 hours with active Bluetooth call)
  • Operating range: 10 meters / 33 feet (typical) 20 meters / 66 feet (ideal conditions)
Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic

Phonak Roger Clip-on Mic

The Roger Clip-on Mic is an easy-to-use wireless microphone that enables people with hearing loss to enjoy effective one-to-one communication in loud noise and over distance. This discreet shirt-worn accessory is used by the partner of the hearing aid user. It is fully automated and boasts game-changing Roger speech-in-noise performance. It can be used as a standalone microphone or alongside other Roger Clip-On Mics or the Roger Pen. It can also be used to listen to TV and multimedia.

  • Small & light.
  • Fully automated settings.
  • One-click connection.
  • Compatible with virtually every hearing aid & CI.
  • Audio input.
Phonak DECT

Phonak DECT

The home and small office phone solution

Phonak DECT cordless phone is easy to use and designed for people with hearing loss. It is also suitable for people without hearing loss and can be used like a regular cordless phone. The main benefit is the direct binaural streaming to both hearing aids for maximum speech understanding.

  • Unpack and use: no fitting required
  • Demo button for easy demonstration
  • Simultaneous audio transmission to both hearing aids
  • 1-click volume boost (up to +15 dB)
  • Direct dial button for preferred number
Phonak EasyCall

Phonak EasyCall

The cell phone solution

Phonak EasyCall connects hearing aids wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. It binaurally streams the phone call directly to the hearing aids for maximum speech understanding. With EasyCall, you can benefit from improved speech intelligibility on your cell phone with a simple click of a button. You do not have to worry about the phone brand. EasyCall II works with any Bluetooth enabled phone, even with non-smartphones.

  • No fitting in Phonak Target™ required — simply pair to cell phone
  • Works with any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, even non-smartphones
  • Attached onto the cell phone, never lost or forgotten
  • 10 hours talk time
  • Standby time > 1 week
Phonak ComPilot Air II

Phonak ComPilot Air II

The small and stylish Phonak ComPilot Air II connects Phonak Venture hearing aids wirelessly to cell phones or Bluetooth-enabled music sources. It can also be used with the Phonak TVLink or the Phonak RemoteMic.

  • Built-in demonstration capability
  • No neckloop
  • Clip for easy wearing
  • Binaural streaming of audio signals in stereo
  • Built-in remote control for hearing aids
  • Spoken messages and caller identification for easy interaction
  • Compatible with the Phonak RemoteControl App
Phonak RemoteMic

Phonak RemoteMic

A Wireless Microphone

Phonak RemoteMic is a wireless microphone for one-on-one conversations over distance. The RemoteMic is clipped onto the speaker's clothing. Combined with Phonak ComPilot, ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II, it transmits the speaker's voice directly to both hearing aids over a distance of up to 20 meters (66 ft).

  • Lightweight and small
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Battery powered and rechargeable
  • Up to 8 hours usage time
Phonak TVLink

Phonak TVLink

The ideal TV and music interface

Phonak TVLink is the interface to TV and other audio sources supporting digital audio signals. The TVLink is used with Phonak ComPilot or ComPilot Air II and turns any Phonak wireless hearing aids into a headset with a range of up to 30 meters (100 ft). It offers stereo sound quality and low latency transmission.

  • Supports analog and digital (Optical, Coaxial) audio outputs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Test mode for a quick audio check
  • Complete set including power plug and cables
  • Charging slot for ComPilot II and ComPilot Air II (TVLink II only)
Phonak PilotOne

Phonak PilotOne

The Phonak PilotOne is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use. It features four large buttons that are easy to locate and press, allowing for volume and program adjustments.

  • Easy volume and program selection
  • Home button switches to default program
  • Key lock function
  • Use Phonak PilotOne with Spice+ and Quest hearing aids
  • Use Phonak PilotOne II with Venture hearing aids
Starkey Mobile 2

Starkey SurfLink Mobile 2

SurfLink Mobile 2 is a hands-free cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one. When paired with wireless hearing aids, it's everything you'll need to talk on the phone, enjoy TV, music, and so much more. You'll get clear and consistent wireless streaming any time, anywhere.

  • Enables hands-free cell phone conversations by turning our wireless hearing aids into the phone microphone and receiver:
    • Microphone — Your hearing aids pick up your voice and send it to the person you're talking to
    • Receiver — SurfLink Mobile 2 streams the voice on the other end directly to your hearing aids
  • Directional microphone enhances one-on-one conversations in noisy environments.
  • Omnidirectional capability is ideal for listening in meetings or group settings.
  • Can be used as a convenient and powerful assistive listening device.
  • Wirelessly streams sound from any Bluetooth®-enabled TV or music device.
Starkey Media

Starkey SurfLink Media

Our wireless hearing aids work with our SurfLink® Media streamer, the first set-and-forget wireless transmitter. With SurfLink Media, there’s no manual pairing involved. Once you plug it into your TV or stereo, you’re done!

  • It automatically streams sound directly to your hearing aids when you’re in range.
  • You can transition from one device to another simply by moving from room to room.
  • It lets others in the room listen to the TV or stereo at the volume they prefer.
  • Enables multiple people wearing wireless hearing aids to connect to a single device.
Starkey Remote

Starkey SurfLink Remote

A remote is available with our wireless hearing aids, and can be used to adjust volume, change memory modes and more. Your hearing care professional can help you decide if a remote is right for you and your lifestyle.

Sonic SoundGate

Sonic SoundGate

Wireless Connectivity with SoundGate

A hearing instrument isn't the only important instrument in your life. Mobile phones, MP3 players, PCs, and television are likely part of your everyday routine. SoundGate helps you hear them all—right through your hearing aids. Your hearing instruments already help you hear sounds coming from different sources. But imagine if your favorite music wasn’t playing from 10 feet away — it’s streaming directly into your hearing aids. That’s the concept behind the SoundGate device. It’s like having personal speakers for your ears.

Built for Bluetooth®

SoundGate provides wireless communication between Sonic products* and virtually any external audio source that uses Bluetooth® transmission. Simply pair SoundGate to your hearing aids, and instantly enjoy conveniences like hands-free mobile phone use. Audio streaming through both devices. And user-friendly remote control.

Connect to Other External Devices

SoundGate works as an interface between Bluetooth®-enabled devices like mobile phones or many digital music players. But you can connect to other audio sources that aren’t Bluetooth®-compatible using SoundGate and optional accessories. Learn about the TV Adapter and Phone Adapter that work in conjunction with SoundGate.

Sonic TV Adapter

Sonic TV Adapter

The TV Adapter works with SoundGate to transmit your television's audio through your hearing devices

Watching television becomes even more enjoyable when the dialogue, sound effects and theme songs come right to you. The TV Adapter is an optional device that connects to your television. When you want to watch a show, SoundGate and the TV Adapter work together to stream the audio directly to your Sonic hearing devices. It’s like having sports, news, shows and movies play right in your ears. You control the volume level on your own — turn it up or down to your personal liking. The TV Adapter makes enjoying your favorite programming so convenient, you’ll want an adapter for every TV you own.

Sonic Phone Adapter

Sonic Phone Adapter

The optional Phone Adapter works with the SoundGate device to transmit calls from your landline phone through your hearing devices

Answering a call from a mobile phone is already easy with the SoundGate device. But what about your landline phone? That’s where the optional Phone Adapter comes in. Connect the Phone Adapter to a landline, and it will work with SoundGate to alert you to an incoming call, let you answer remotely, and hear the conversation right through your hearing aids. You can adjust the volume as needed, too. Talking on the phone has never been easier or more clear.

Rexton Smart Pocket Remote Control

Smart Pocket Remote Control

Convenient, hassle-free listening

A small, easy-to-use remote control with a display screen makes it easy for you to control your hearing aids with the touch of a button. You can control volume, programs, and turn your hearing aids on and off – as well as many other customizable functions. You can even set a daily alarm clock to remind yourself of important events!

Rexton Charger

Rexton Charger

With Rexton's optional charging unit, there is no more worry about dying hearing aid batteries or losing power at inconvenient times. Similar to charging a mobile phone, the instruments are ready to run all day after a six-hour charge overnight. For added convenience, many of our BTE's are also compatible with standard batteries. The charger also includes a drying function that removes harmful moisture from the hearing aids, improving long term reliability and performance. Eliminate daily hearing aid battery hassles and try our worry-free charger.

Rexton Remote Control

Rexton Remote Control

With wireless technology, you can put the control of your instruments at your fingertips with an optional remote control. Easy, inconspicuous, and individualized.

Rexton Blu RCU

Rexton Blu RCU

The cutting-edge technology of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity will transform the way you hear the sounds of life. The optional Blu RCU not only controls hearing aid functions, but also allows our digital hearing instruments to stream high-quality, stereo sound from many popular audio devices such as TVs, mobile phones, MP3 players, and more. Don't let your hearing problems alter your quality of life.

The innovative Blu RCU allows you to stay connected to all your favorite sounds and high-tech gadgets, even if you have hearing problems. Using Bluetooth® technology, the Blu RCU streams high quality audio from mobile phones, TV's, computers, MP3 players and more to any Rexton product with Blu Link technology. Blu RCU doubles as a remote control for the instruments, allowing volume and program changes at the touch of a button.

Rexton Mini Blu RCU

Rexton Mini Blu RCU

Mini Blu RCU is everything you could want in a wireless accessory – in one ultra-small package. Using Rexton's Blu Link technology with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it sends sound from the electronic gadgets you can't live without to both of your hearing aids. The clever little remote can be tucked in a pocket, clipped to clothing or worn around your neck on the included lanyard. Best of all, it juggles 2 connections at once so you can easily switch between listening to your TV and laptop computer.

Maybe you're passionate about music. Maybe you're a movie lover. Could be the focus of your devotion is another person. Whatever you're into, Mini Blu RCU lets you easily connect to various Bluetooth enabled devices like cell phones, stereos, TVs, MP3 players and laptops. It works with most Rexton wireless hearing aids, even the smallest ones that fit completely in your ear canal.



Made for all phones

The UNI-DEX is a neck-worn plug and play solution for easy mobile phone use. The device streams audio to your hearing aids - not just from mobiles, but any device with a mini-jack output. Its long battery life means that UNI-DEX can stream for up to 40 hours. And it takes only an hour to fully recharge again. Enjoy talking hands-free on your mobile phone or stream audio from your favourite device like an iPod, iPad etc.

Widex M-DEX

Widex M-DEX

For your cell phone

Compatible with most cell phones, the M-DEX reproduces phone conversations directly in your hearing aid.

  • Room Off: A unique feature of the M-DEX is what we call ‘Room Off’. This turns the hearing aids’ microphones off temporarily so you can only hear your cell phone allowing you to concentrate on the conversation without being disturbed by surrounding sounds.
  • Remote control: The M-DEX can also be used as an advanced remote control for volume and program shift.
  • FreeFocus: M-DEX can also be used in FreeFocus mode. FreeFocus lets you focus in selected directions, such as left, right and behind, without having to turn your head.


For enjoying TV

Watching television can sometimes be a challenge for hearing aid users. With our TV-DEX, high quality audio is streamed with no delay straight to your hearing aid.

  • No delays or echoes: The main advantage of the TV-DEX is its real time hi-fi quality sound. You experience TV or audio sound exactly as it was intended - without annoying delays or echoes.
  • Room Off: With the TV-DEX you can temporarily switch the hearing aid’s microphone off and hear the TV sound only - we call this ‘Room Off’ - meaning you can enjoy your favorite TV program without unnecessary background noise.
  • 10 hours battery: The TV-DEX delivers up to 10 hours of uninterrupted, top quality TV or audio sound between recharging of controller.
Widex RC-DEX

Widex UNI

Your remote control

The RC-DEX is a stylish and user-friendly remote control that gives you control of hearing aid functions like volume and programs. Intuitive in use: Small enough to fit on a keychain, the RC-DEX is intelligently laid out with three simple keys. This means that you can quickly and easily start using it. Feature activation: As features are activated, verbal or tone cues let you know. An LED indicator on the remote control also shows when it is activated.

Widex T-DEX

Widex T-DEX

For bluetooth mobile phones

The T-DEX is a hands-free, wireless neck loop for use with all hearing aids with a telecoil. It lets you easily connect with Bluetooth mobile phones. Simply place the T-DEX around your neck and then activate it when your phone rings. The sound is transmitted wirelessly to your hearing aids so you can hear and converse directly.

  • Because it amplifies the sound from your mobile phone, the T-DEX is ideal in situations where there is a lot of background noise.
  • Its hands-free operation means that it is easy to talk on your phone while driving for example.

The T-DEX is compatible with all Widex hearings aids with telecoil.



For easy landline use

The PHONE-DEX is an all-purpose, cordless phone that streams crystal clear sound directly to your hearing aids. It provides you with good speech understanding in both ears. It is incredibly easy to use – the only thing you need to do is hold the phone normally. The PHONE-DEX works as a conventional phone as well. So family and friends can use it.

Widex FM+DEX

Widex FM+DEX

For flexible streaming

The FM+DEX from Widex is an outstanding addition to the DEX family of assistive listening devices. Small and discreet, the FM+DEX is a high quality streaming device designed specifically for wireless hearing aids. By attaching an FM module, hearing aid users can receive FM signals, for example in classrooms or meetings. But the FM+DEX is more than that. It can be used as a telecoil, perfect for use in places such as classrooms and meetings, and with the audio line in function, users can also stream music or other audio.

  • 3 functions: FM, telecoil and audio line in
  • Thanks to WidexLink wireless technology, streaming is fast and echo-free
  • Wide bandwidth of up to 11.2 kHz provides superb sound quality
  • Can be worn on a neck loop or attached by provided clip
  • Easily operated with toggle button
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of streaming
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