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Siemens Ace Binax

Now more discreet than ever

Ace Binax is nearly invisible design makes it a very discreet choice. Binax is the next step forward from Siemens' very successful Micon technology. Binax processes 20% faster than Micon and is clinically proven better than normal hearing in demanding listening environments. It also uses one third less battery power than the closest competitor. The Ace Binax is the smallest receiver in the canal product available and uses a size 10 battery.

Receiver In the Canal (RIC) hearing aids are smaller than traditional Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids. This is true because some of the circuitry, the receiver, is moved from the hearing aid housing to the ear canal. The result is that the RIC design has a much smaller housing. In the Ace this design was taken even further to make housing as small as technically possible. In a compromise for its small size it does not have wireless or Bluetooth capabilities.

General Features


Ace™ has always set a benchmark in minimizing size and maximizing discretion. Its ultra-small housing makes it our tiniest RIC solution while binax, the next generation of BestSound™ Technology, further enhances the new Ace binax’s level of discretion. Remotely controllable via the new touchControl App, your customers can operate their hearing aid programs, volume, bass and treble with a few quick taps on their iOS or Android* smartphones. This makes Ace binax an optimum solution for first-time wearers or people that demand discretion and convenience. With Ace binax, your customers do not have to choose between discretion and functionality – now they can have both.

* Android is a trademark of Google Inc

Discreet design

  • Housing in an ultra-discreet, ergonomic design
  • Color Conversion Kit
  • Size 10 A battery
  • Programmable push button or flat cover
  • Battery door on/off switch
  • Ingress Protection Rating IP 67
  • IPX7 water resistance for immersion in up to 1 m of water for 30 min
  • IP6X full dust protection for uncompromising quaspanty and safety

Premium performance

  • Powered by binax, the next generation of BestSound Technology
  • Remotely controllable via the touchControl App for an unprecedented level of discretion
  • Available in performance levels 7bx and 5bx
  • Enhanced tinnitus noiser option

touchControl App

The touchControl App enables discreet control of hearing instrument programs and volume. Android* and iOS users can simply download it to their smartphones from the Google Play* Store and the Apple App Store*– and enjoy a high level of handling comfort right at their fingertips.

*Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Apple App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Programming pill

The programming pill is used with a generic cable to connect the hearing instruments with a programming device i.e Unity, HiPro. The pill inserts into the battery compartment to provide a reliable connection while programming the hearing instrument.

Color Conversion Kit

This kit contains all the tools necessary for an easy housing exchange. So whenever your customers change their color preference, you can easily exchange the complete housing.

miniReceiver 2.0

This generation of miniReceivers offers flexible options for almost any hearing loss or ear anatomy. The discreet construction allows for better positioning of microphones to improve audiological performance.

Click Domes™

Compatible with miniReceiver and miniReceiver 2.0, the Click Dome™ wax grid is made of a soft silicon, making cleaning simple and effective. Click Domes are available in four types for various patient needs and preferences.

Click Molds™

Click Molds™ are an alternative to fitting with domes. Their design allows for a secure connection to the receiver for a reliable fit. All Click Molds can be used with every miniReceiver and miniReceiver 2.0 size.

Click Mold™ starter kit

This kit includes Click Mold adapters (red and blue), Click Mold service set, Click Mold disassembly tool, Click Mold assembly tool, Long Mold drilling tool, molding cutters, removal strings, miniReceiverS7M7P dummies, Click Mold measuring card, HF4 filters left and right, miniReceiver wax guard set and work instructions.

Batteries size 10

Long-lasting, high-quality Siemens batteries for flawless amplification.

Siemens Ace Binax Colors
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