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Siemens Sirion 2

Discreet hearing in every situation

Did you know that there are hearing instruments so discreet that others don’t even realize you’re wearing them – even when you’re making adjustments? Then take a close look at Sirion 2. Available in a range of models that hide behind your ear or in your ear, Sirion 2 can be customized by your Hearing Care Professional to fit your personal sound preferences. Plus, you can discreetly control your Sirion 2 hearing aids via your smartphone. Simply download the free touchControl™ App and no one will know whether you’re checking your messages or making a hearing aid adjustment.

General Features


Reliable partners, day in and day out.

No matter which Sirion 2 model suits you best, they all come with proven features that provide you with a comfortable listening experience and easy, discreet handling – every day, in every hearing situation.

Prepared for every hearing situation.

Take full pleasure in your conversations – even in noisy environments like a busy restaurant: The Sirion 2's directional microphones recognize speech and automatically switch to focus on your conversation partner in front of you while reducing the intensity of noise around you. This way, you only hear what you want to whether you are in a busy restaurant or at a family gathering.

Hearing speech clearly.

When hearing loss occurs, it can be difficult to hear high-pitched sounds such as "s" and "f", or children’s voices. Sirion 2’s frequency compression compresses and shifts these sounds to a lower range making them clearly audible for you again – so you don’t miss a word of any conversation.

Listen closely.

What can bring you and your loved ones closer together than a sweet secret or an “I love you,” that is whispered into your ear? Feedback cancellation suppresses annoying whistling – so you can fully enjoy every tender moment.

Features & Benefits
Features Description
Directional microphones Help improve speech understanding in noisy listening situations by focusing on the person talking in front of you while reducing sounds from other directions.
Hearing aid controls Depending on the model, BTE or ITE, Sirion 2 comes with a push button and/or a rocker switch, so you can conveniently and discretely change your hearing aid programs and volume.
IP67-rated Resistant to moisture, sweat, and dirt, Sirion 2 keeps up with you even when you're exercising or gardening.
Telecoil Transmits sounds directly into your hearing aids when you are in facilities equipped with an induction loop, such as places of worship, theaters, or public buildings. It also comes in handy when using landline phones equipped with an induction coil.
Flexible battery compartment The standard battery compartment of Sirion 2 M and P models can be exchanged for a battery door with a connection for direct audio input via an optional audio shoe. This enables connection to FM systems, which is especially helpful in noisy environments, such as classrooms.
Vent Ensures ventilation to the ear and enhances wearing and listening comfort.
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