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Satisfied Hearing Aid Patient

Patient Testimonials

We can't express the feeling of joy we all experience here at Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Centers when we are able to help someone overcome their hearing deficiency. Time and time again our patients express their gratitude to us for the help we are able to provide to them and how the gift of hearing has changed their lives.

We want to share with you just a few of the comments we have received. Below is a sampling of their comments.

Thank you letter from veterans of foreign wars (VFW)

Thank you letter from the commander of Veterans of foreign wars (VFW).

Having tried two other hearing aids over 20 years ago and having them live in a drawer within a few months,I was skeptical about trying again. Silly me. This has been a major change forthe better. I can now hear the leaves rustle (first time I cried), mandolins in music I used to fast forward through, all the birds in the trees. My daughter having to repeat herself has dwindled to nearly nothing, and she was repeating everything unless I could see her lips. Having lunch with friends, I actually hear the conversations. I'm so pleased I tried a third time. There are a couple of drawbacks, though. The cat's meow is now a bit annoying; until I got used to it,I thought the coffee pot turning off signal was the smoke alarm; and when my husband gets excited, he talks way louder than I thought. All of these I can live with, and live so much happier than I did not hearing.

Photo of patient Alice Tipp with her new CaptionCall phone

Our happy patient Alice with her new CaptionCall phone.

Photo of patient Sally with her new CaptionCall phone

Our happy patient Sally with her new CaptionCall phone.

Thank you for putting me in contact with caption call, now I hear and read all the conversations on the phone that I have been missing before. Thank You!

Hear From A Zounds Patient

I have been wearing hearing aids for at least twenty years as a result of being exposed to a variety of noises i.e. firearms, fire department's siren, loud concert music and so on. The most recent pair I had were seven years old I felt like I was missing a lot in conversations so it was time for a new pair.

Quiet coincidentally I received an advertisement from Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing. I figured I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try and I am glad I did. Byron Campisi, the owner, gave me a hearing test which indicated my hearing in fact gotten worse! He fitted me with a state of art pair of hearing aids and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I can now hear sounds that I haven't heard in years such as birds singing, how about the directions signal in the car and my dog's toenail clicking on the hard wood floors. Further and more importantly I was recently at a noise restaurant and was able to follow the conversation at my table and I was able to communicate with the waiter without having my wife interpret for me.

If you think you might benefit from hearing aids, I would strongly recommend giving Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing a visit!

Hear From A Zounds Patient

Dear Byron, I am so glad I came to you for my new hearing aids, when Zounds closed you and Heather was so helpful and understanding. I finally have hearing aids that I love! I was never happy with my hearing aids before, the sound was never as clear as it is now with hearing aids from your practice. Thank you again.

Hear From A Zounds Patient

I was tested most professionally and with great expertise. Its always an enjoyable visit and its great to hear better! I would highly recommend Byron, and give his practice 5 stars!

Dear Byron,

Thank you is so little to say to Someone that has given you back part of life. It has been a couple years that my husband would tell me about Byron hearing-telling me they can help me. I would tell him that saying "What" is so much cheaper. Then started having issues at work, sitting at a restaurant with friends and missing half the conversation plus so many other examples I do not want to bore you with details. So I relented and went to see Byron Hearing.

To say that have been awakened is a mild statement. I got there to a wonderful homey feeling environment and a gentleman not selling a product but a new way of life. I got the hearing aids on a Wednesday and that night my husband came home to a very happy wife. I could hear the clock tick I could set sound on the TV at 20 normally it was at 40. Now my husband has to turn it up to hear. I went for a walk and could hear the leaves rustle-the small birds singing-wind in the trees, it was beautiful.

I was worried about driving the car but there was no need. I could hear my blinker, I did not know it made noise. I could tell where the traffic was coming from. Work was so much easier. I could have the phone ring and talk to someone in front of me without losing their conversation.

I guess the best part is being able to look people in the eye and not watching their mouth to help understand what they were saying.

I realize this is a business, the cost is difficult but now that I have them and can hear, well I will do without a lot in the future rather than ever go without hearing again.

Thank you for your kindness, your consideration and all the backing you give to ensure that I was comfortable with the decision, the product and the result.

It wasn't until I got my hearing aids that I discovered what I was missing in my life. Byron Campisi and his very competent staff were all part of giving back to me what I lived without for so long. From the beginning with Byron's intensive testing, to now, I have available to me the most efficient resources anyone could ever ask for. All I need to do is call, and the help is there. I strongly recommend Byron Campisi and staff for hearing aids and the most competent service in the Hudson Valley.

Dear Byron,

I would just like to say thank you for all you have done. You never once said that you had done all you could, and I would have to live with the hearing aid as is. The courteous care I always received was extremely reassuring. I want you to know that I will strongly recommend your services. You are "The Best".

Dear Byron,

It was a pleasure meeting you this week. I want to thank you so much for your courtesy and helpfulness to a Vet.

Dear Byron,

It's been about 20 years since I first brought my hearing problem to you. You may not recall but I had been unhappy with another local audiologist's services, As the years have gone by and my hearing has deteriorated at a slow rate of progression, you. Byron, have managed to ensure that, equipped with the latest technology, my assisted hearing has kept me functional and capable professionally and socially. I still sometimes marvel when people fail to notice that I wear hearing aids.

Your ability to keep pace with technology to the benefit of your clients is the first thing I thank you for. But I've long been even more impressed with the service you and Torn and Doreen and other members of your staff provide. It seems something beyond "service" - it's a feeling that each of you genuinely cares very much about how me and my hearing are getting along in the world. I never have to wait more than a day or two when a problem wises. Of course, most of the time I forget that I wear hearing aids so that when a problem does arise, my world is upset. All of you have been impressively responsive whenever the need arises. And I greatly appreciate the convenience of being able to schedule periodic hearing aid cleaning, another example of your thoughtful approach to service.

The hearing aids I need have to be expensive but when I consider the service that you provide and how critical the need to hear all the time is in my life, I consider my hearing aids a bargain - and all of you a personal Godsend.

Thank you!

Dear Mr. Petramale,

About six months ago, you introduced me to the Quantum 20 Unitron hearing instrument. At the time I was not famil.iar with this particular product Therefore, I made a quick study of the features of this device and a few other similar models. I was convinced at that time that it was in my best interest to proceed with this model.

Over these past six months, with your assistance, I have become very comfortable with this particular product. Through your expertise and attention to detail in respect to specific adjustments that are uniquely required for my particular needs, I have found a number of areas of improvement in my ability to hear and understand input in a variety of settings. Let me enumerate a few:
- As you know, I am an avid vocalist, singing up to five times per week. In the past, it has been difficult for me to adjust my aids to be able to hear the director give instructions, the accompanying instrument and fellow vocalists with the settings previously available. Now I have been able to do all of the above.
- It was difficult to nearly impossible to be able to hear and comprehend the message being given by my pastor during worship services. That problem has been solved.
- Hearing and understanding the voices coming from the television was a very annoying issue for a long time. I am now actually turning the volume lower than other members of the family would normally set it to satisfy all at the same time.
-Additional settings are available for my use by using the remote that has been adjusted to fit my particular needs, including the use of the telephone.
- I have been hearing sounds about the house that I have not been able to hear at all, even with my previous hearing aids.

In addition to the above, I found that these aids are very comfortable to wear. I don't even realize that they are there as the fit is compatible with my physical structure.

My thanks to you for providing expert service and showing such complete devotion to customer needs and satisfaction.

Dear Byron:

I would like to thank you for suggesting that I try the new Passport hearing aids because of the trouble I was having with the background noise with the three previous aids I tried. At that first visit with you, I learned more about the different types of hearing aids and hearing losses than with any of my other hearing aids experiences.

The first time I tried them, I was able to stand outside your office in the sounds of the traffic and carry on a conversation with a friend who happened to be across the street. I was able to adjust them as needed and because they are computerized they are now programmed to my needs.

From the first visit to your office, you and Doreen have been very helpful and friendly. I would like to highly recommend you to anyone who is having difficulty hearing as I am a very satisfied customer.

To: Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Center

I have been a customer of Byron's for so long that I have followed him through three locations. Each time he improved his facilities so he could offer better service.

Since getting my first hearing aid in 1985, I have had many and not all of them were from Byron. What a mistake. Yes, I tried other providers, even left Byron at one point and then came back. Coming back was my smartest move.

Byron is always up on the latest hearing aid technology and therefore able to offer the best choices for their clients. They both have always given me the most timely and competent service I have ever received from any hearing aid specialist. I speak from experience.

I have referred many of my friends to Byron. They all have purchased aids from Byron and they are all still my friends.

My hearing aid needs have not always been easy to satisfy. I have had four ear surgeries and my ears do not always tolerate the most common hearing aid types and materials. Byron has always been willing to tirelessly work with me until an acceptable solution was found.

There is nothing more I can say. Give Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Center a try. I know from experience that you will not be disappointed.

Dear Byron:

I would like to take a few minutes of your time and explain to you what I think of the hearing aids from Byron and what I think of the service. As you know, I have had hearing aids before, so I think I can make some realistic comparisons. My first set of hearing aids came from a local hospital. After a short period of time, I had to give them back; I could not stand the echoes nor the lack of comfort. Next I tried another local source. They took care of most of the echoes and I had some hearing improvement. Then you fitted me for hearing aids from Byron. I could measure the hearing improvement.

With these aids, I can watch TV with the remote volume set around 40. Without the bearing aids, I have to increase the volume 25% to around 50. Comfort…I hardly know I have the bearing aids in. Not only did you get rid of the echo, but you were able to greatly reduce wind noise when the windows in the car are open.

Your aids are programmable. My medical doctor has often mentioned that he likes the feature where the part in your ear does not seal off the outside, but is ventilated.

Another feature at Byron's is the professionalism and friendliness. Your office is very professional yet friendly. One day when you were not there I thought my hearing aid had died. Mr. Byron explained to me that it was just wax buildup on the hearing aid and when he removed the wax everything was back to normal. This brings up another point...these aids have what I call a removable wax catcher. With the tools you gave me, I can remove the wax myself and install a new wax catcher.

In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend Byron's to anyone. Thank you for your efficient, professional and great service.

Dear Byron,

I am writing you to express my gratitude for your guidance with purchasing my new set of Unitron hearing aids. As you know I have tried a few different hearing aids in the past without much success and was not aware of the advances that have been made in performance and comfort. I'm pleased to let you know that I'm very much satisfied with my new set of Unitron hearing aids that I purchased from your hearing aid center! I feel like my hearing is like it was in my younger years!

Things that are taken for granted by others such as being able to hear clocks ticking and conversations are so much more appreciated now! I absolutely cherish the ability to experience these everyday sounds! I'm new able to enjoy gatherings with friends and family, to not have to constantly say "what" when I'm being spoken to is an amazing feeling! Watching television at a normal volume is something that my family and myself are also grateful for! I can also say that driving is more comfortable and enjoyable.

Overall my quality of life has improved, and would like to give you my sincerest thanks for assisting me in doing so. I will gladly recommend to my all my friends and family to give Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Centers the opportunity to do the same for them. Thank you.

Dear Byron,

I just wanted to thank you for all your care and advice in helping me choose and adjust to my hearing aides. You make it very easy and I find they are just what I wanted. I would recommend you to any of my friends who are thinking of getting hearing aides.

Thank you and your staff for making it such a good experience.

Dear Byron:

I want to thank you for making my life a lot easier and less stressful. I always felt embarrassed at gatherings and also with my own family. I knew they wanted me to be tested and get professional help in my hearing loss, so my friends and family say "Thanks".

I highly recommend your professional and knowledge in this "Hearing Aid Field".

To Hear Again:

I got my new ears today, some folks get 'em and put them away. I wanted to see just what I could hear, so I went to Newburgh down by the pier. I could hear the gulls flying high in the sky, I could hear the birds chirping and singing close by, I could hear the water hitting the shore. This made me realize I was hearing more. To see God's beauty is something to behold, but to hear God's word is more precious than gold, God gave us these things, I've always been told. Now I feel my life's beginning to unfold. Not being able to hear can sometimes make our spouses mad and of course that sometimes makes us sad. So when you see what you hear and hear what you see, that's the beauty of it all, whatever it may be

To Byron and Doreen

My many thanks to you both for being so nice and considerate of my feelings and making me feel so comfortable. There was never any pressure to purchase anything. You let me decide what I wanted and when. You explained everything to me so I could understand. You also gave me all the time I needed to make up my mind. That's why I return to Byron's Hearing.

Dear Byron:

I want to thank you for your excellent services to me over the years and especially involving my most recent hearing aid purchase.

When my recently purchased aid failed to meet my needs and was repaired and returned multiple times by the manufacturer, you willingly and tirelessly pursued, with the manufacturers upper level management, a more advanced design of aid that solved my problem. Without your efforts, which you voluntarily offered to me, I would not be enjoying the quality of hearing that I am today. Thank You.

Since my first hearing aid in 1985, I have been associated with multiple hearing aid distributors and audiologists in the Hudson Valley. No one has ever given me the superior quality of service that I have received from you and your very able assistant Doreen.

Over the years Byron Campisi has proven himself to be honest, sincere and a man of his word. His compassionate concern for the welfare of his clients, combined with his knowledge, efficiency and friendly attitude is a rare and welcomed combination.

I consider it a privilege and my good fortune to have Byron Campisi as my Hearing Aid Specialist.

Dear Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing Centers,

I've been to many hearing aid companies in the past, only to find that the aids they sold me either didn't function properly or were not to my liking. So many thousands of dollars later, I decided to give Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Centers a try. They fitted me with the latest, most comfortable aids available. But not only that, they followed up with me to find out if the aids were working properly and if I was satisfied with their performance.

I recommend Hudson Valley Hearing to anyone who is in need of quality and specialized hearing aids. It has really made a difference in my life.

Byron Campisi

I just wanted to tell you that you have made my life worth living. You saved me from divorce and murder. We have tried multiple ways to restore my husbands hearing and I don't know why we picked your company to come to for help, but it was the best move ever!

My husband and I are still happily married. He even answers me now! My grand kids thank you immensely for letting Poppy hear their soft voices. My husband is not a man of many words, but when he hears something now that he needs to add his two cents to, there is no waiting for replies anymore.

To Byron Campisi of Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Centers

Due to the amount of hearing loss that has become so annoying and at times embarrassing, I needed to find the right professional for help. After visiting three different Hearing Aid Centers to compare solutions for my type of hearing loss, I selected Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Centers.

Through extensive testing, Byron Campisi provided me with the best and least expensive solution for my particular hearing loss.

His professionalism, caring and support made me feel relieved during this difficult time. To date, I am very happy with my hearing aid and the continued service from Byron Campisi to keep my hearing aid properly maintained through regularly scheduled visits.

Thank you Byron Campisi and Byron's Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Centers!

Dear Byron,

I am writing to you in thanks - for bringing the gift of sound back into my life. I did not realize how quiet my word had become.

Your infectious enthusiasm and your professional, caring attitude are a wondrous experience. I am convinced you LOVE your work - you get to bring such joy into others lives!

I feel that your choice of hearing aids for my type of hearing loss was spot-on. The way you explained what had happened to my hearing, and how you would adjust the aids to compensate for that loss was clear, credible and easily understood.

I thank you. My wife thanks you. My children thank you. I wish you continued success.

Dear Byron,

I just want to say thank you for taking the time with me and going the distance to help me with my hearing problem. You have been very concerned and caring about my situation. Your pleasant warmth and kind way makes me feel very at-ease and I know you are doing everything in your power to make sure my lifestyle is a better one for me.

I was treated with respect and dignity. Everything was explained to me in laymen's terms and when I received my cross over hearing device, a whole new world opened up to me.

Dear Byron,

I just want you to know how happy and pleased I am with the hearing aids and the level of service that you have given me over the past ten years. I also feel like I am a member of your family and feel right at home. The warmth and caring that you have given me makes my situation less stressful. Knowing this, I feel very at-ease and comfortable.

You have a nice way and demeanor about yourself. You are the following: very professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, informative, accommodating, trustworthy.

You have the ability to explain what type of hearing aid I need and what will work best for my hearing situation. I depend on you and you deliver!

I also want to take this opportunity to mention that you have a wonderful staff. Not only are they caring but very pleasant as well. Anytime I call your office, your staff is always polite and helpful. If I ever have a problem they get me in to see you right away.

I wish you all the best and happiness.

I have known Byron Campisi for nearly a decade. It must be said, Byron has an outstanding amount of real knowledge and working experience in the area of hearing loss. His rapport with his clients is beyond anyone's expectation. Byron is always ready to truly listen and understand the needs of individuals with a hearing loss.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Byron Campisi for all he has done for Dad. I feel that Byron has gone the extra step for my father and I truly appreciate it. Thanks again.

When you walk into the office you are greeted with a warm smile and "hello, how are you?" by Kathy.

When I first went to Hudson Valley Hearing I had a very hard time hearing and was very uncomfortable being around people. Byron Campisi changed all of that by giving me the proper hearing aids.

He said that if I was unhappy with the aids over the next 45 days, I can return them and receive a full refund! Two and a half years later I still wear the same hearing aids. Byron kept adjusting and improving them when needed.

Thank you Byron for being such a caring, helpful and dependable person.

Thank you again!

Dear Byron and Doreen,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I’m brand new to the world of hearing aids and you couldn’t have given me better care or advice.

When Dr. Payman of Hudson Valley Otolaryngology confirmed that I would need aids, I had it in mind to get the smallest possible device that would fit right in the ear canal. As an actor, I was concerned that I would be constantly adjusting them to suit various environments (on stage, on film sets, in concert halls, noisy restaurants, etc.).

You pointed me in the direction of ResoundAir even though they were a “behind the ear” instrument. I was skeptical at first, but after wearing them for the past two months (some of which was on the film set of “Carlito’s Way, The Beginning”) I am completely sold on them and thrilled that I listened to you.

They are magical; seeming to know what environment I’m in and making the necessary adjustments all by themselves. I hear sounds that I had forgotten exist. My family no longer has to repeat things several times in order for me to understand them.

Just as importantly, they are virtually undetectable in my work. I told my director on “Carlito” about them in case he needed me to remove them for close-ups. He thought I was kidding him. Even after pointing them out to him, he had a hard time spotting them.

They are so comfortable that I often forget I’m wearing them. I just hope I remember when I’m about to go swimming.


Just a note to let you know how happy I am with my new “GN Resound” Hearing Aids. They are more than I expected, in that I get no feed back, no squeals or background noise.

I recently attended a senior citizen dinner in a large hall with three hundred people in attendance…even though the room was noisy and a band was playing I had no problem talking to and hearing the people across the table from me.

It is a pleasure to know that all the negative things I have heard regarding hearing aids is no longer true with this new technology. I am hearing sounds I have not heard in years, without distortion, plus, I hardly know they are in my ears.

Thanks for recommending this great product. I will gladly recommend you to my friends.

Dear Byron,

It has been almost five months since I received my Philips Digital Hearing Aids. I knew I needed help with my hearing, but I never realized how much until I started wearing them. Since you lose your hearing gradually, you aren't as aware of how much loss you have until you start wearing your hearing aids.

I decided on the Digital Hearing Aids for many reasons. I looked Hearing Aids up on the Web and they said that they probably were a best buy. I also asked many people who wore Hearing Aids how they liked them. Most people I spoke to do not wear them daily. They leave them in the drawer most of the time. The owners are not quite satisfied with them. Many have had two or more pairs of them and still have not found the ones they like. I spoke to one man, who also bought the Philips Digitals from you, and he said after all the pairs he had tried, they were the only ones that helped him. With all that in mind, I decided they would be the ones for me.

Since the day I got them, I have worn them from when I get up until I go to bed. It is a wonderful feeling when I turn them on in the morning, and I can hear the clocks ticking, the birds singing, and the TV (without it being turned up so loud it drives everyone in the room out). I can hear in church, and by using the other setting I can knock out the background noise. It is just great.

Thank you for all your help. I am so very pleased with my decision.

Dear Doreen and Byron,

Your thoughtful kindness on Muriel's behalf is too wonderful. I was so uplifted at your generous gesture. Thank you so much.

You know that she depended on your professionalism and expertise for many years. You were able to help her have a much better quality of life with those Digital Hearing Aids for many years.

Byron & Doreen,

Just wanted to say "Thank You" again for hooking up my Mom with Hearing Aids (on such short notice and under such unusual circumstances). You both were great to us. Mom LOVES her new ability to hear, thanks to you.

I sell antiques – if there's ever anything you're looking for, let me know. I'm telling everyone who might be a potential customer for you, how nice you are – lots of elderly in the antiques business. Thanks again!

Dear Byron and Staff,

I wanted to let you know how happy I was with the treatment I received in purchasing my hearing aid. As you know, I was very skeptical at first. You explained everything and made my decision much easier. It is amazing to realize all that I had been missing out on. My family is much happier now that I can hear the television at a normal level.

Thank you again for making my life much easier.

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